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CentOS 7 - CERN for x86_64: CERN CVMFS Fuse client: cvmfs-config-default

cvmfs-config-default - CernVM File System Default Configuration and Public Keys

License: BSD
Default configuration parameters and public keys for CernVM-FS, providing access
to repositories under the,, and domains


cvmfs-config-default-1.4-1.noarch [8 KiB] Changelog by Jakob Blomer (2017-05-11):
- Remove dedicated Stratum 1
cvmfs-config-default-1.2-2.noarch [8 KiB] Changelog by Dave Dykstra (2015-05-22):
- Change Obsoletes/Conflicts on cvmfs-keys and cvmfs-init-scripts to
  Obsoletes/Provides with specific version numbers, according to Fedora
  packaging guidelines

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