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CentOS 7 - Extras for x86_64: unspecified: cockpit-composer

cockpit-composer - Composer GUI for use with Cockpit

License: MIT
Vendor: CentOS
Composer generates custom images suitable for deploying systems or uploading to
the cloud. It integrates into Cockpit as a frontend for Lorax Composer.


cockpit-composer-9-1.el7.noarch [1.9 MiB] Changelog by Martin Pitt (2019-10-25):
- Translation updates rhbz#1733995
cockpit-composer-1-1.el7.noarch [4.9 MiB] Changelog by Martin Pitt (2019-06-05):
- New version 1
- Translation updates rhbz#1688273
cockpit-composer-0.1.4-1.el7.noarch [4.1 MiB] Changelog by Brian C. Lane (2018-09-04):
- New version 0.1.4
- Adds queue status to an infotip in the Create Image modal (jgiardin)
- Update Create Image modal to also commit unsaved changes (jgiardin)
- Catching a couple of minor issues (jgiardin)
- Update Create Image modal to include blueprint object instead of just name (jgiardin)
- Update Create Image button selector in end-to-end test (jgiardin)
- Display warning messages to the user in Create Image modal (jgiardin)
- use updated property key from api for date created (jgiardin)
- translations: Fail when zanata-js is not installed (lars)
- Add missing `translations:` (lars)
- translations: remove test target (lars)
- po: Update from Fedora Zanata (lars)
- translations: move po files and scripts to po/ (lars)
- translations: Strip country code when loading react-intl's locale-data (mpitt)
- remove redundant .then(data => data) (jgiardin)
- Add ability to stop builds that are waiting or running (jgiardin)
- Change text from "Delete Build" to "Delete Image" (jgiardin)
- Update Delete Blueprint modal to match layout of Delete Build (jgiardin)
- Fix miscellaneous propType warnings (jgiardin)
- Include confirmation modal for deleting a finished build (jgiardin)
- Swap order of date and type in the Image list item details (jgiardin)
- Add Delete action for Finished composes (jgiardin)
- Add ability to delete Failed builds (jgiardin)
- test_blueprints: Make blueprint selection more robust (lars)
- Use upstream patternfly-react's Tab component (lars)
- Changes en-dash to dash and adds spaces (jgiardin)
- Updates based on a11y review, also simplified i18n format (jgiardin)
- minor tweaks to improve the screen reader experience (jgiardin)
- Makes strings translatable in pagination for available components (jgiardin)
- Update React and enzyme (lars)
- package.json: Use ~ instead of ^ versions for dependencies (lars)
- Drop unused dependencies (lars)
- package.json: update dependencies (lars)
- Remove package-lock.json (lars)

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